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Japanese Calligraphy

Online Video Courses: Choice of Course Settings

1) Authentic Calligraphy Course

2)Design Calligraphy Course


In this age of diversification, we have started "Online Calligraphy" as a new and unique style to deepen learning and learn techniques in the same way or even better than face-to-face lessons in a classroom,

We have started "Online Calligraphy" as a new style of calligraphy course in the same or even better direction than the face-to-face style of attending a classroom.


You can learn calligraphy anywhere in Australia or overseas as long as you have a wi-fi connection.


Online authentic comprehensive calligraphy is available,

Comprehensive study of Kanji, Kana, and penmanship, with a monthly promotion system,

You can also obtain a master's degree.


Design Calligraphy

In Design Calligraphy, you will learn to write more expressive brush characters than beautifully shaped characters for store logos, product packaging, titles, menus, nouns, signboards, and other items,

This is a course to express brush letters more freely.


The course is offered by video correspondence course and ZOOM online class.