Calligraphy Performance Request (VR Calligraphy, Large Brush)

We offer calligraphy performances for all kinds of occasions such as hotel events, company foundation parties, anniversary celebrations, and New Year's calligraphy ceremonies. We can provide more realistic and moving performance by collaborating with musicians, Japanese drums and "calligraphy".

The "Floating Calligraphy" is a calligraphy performance in which brush strokes are digitized and projected on a screen, created through a collaboration between brush strokes and state-of-the-art VR.

 This is a calligraphy performance in which brush strokes are digitized and projected on a screen.


The calligraphy is drawn three-dimensionally in a three-dimensional space in VR in real time. It is a new performing art combining music and images.


This is one of the most popular and inquired calligraphy performances.


(Examples: company anniversary, ceremonies, foundation parties, etc., stage performances, etc.)

VR Calligraphy Performance Achievements

Aug. 2022 Kansai Collection Kyocera Dome, Japan Expo Festival Stage

January 2022 Live appearance on Nippon Television Network Corporation's "Sukkiri" VR New Year's calligraphy performance

December 2020 Corporate Christmas event

September 2020 Live appearance on ACIC overseas distribution channel Fusion of music and VR calligraphy

October 2018 Hong Kong Cyberport Company Establishment Ceremony

June 2018 France Enghien Levant International Digital Festival


🌸Outline of the big brush calligraphy performance🌸


1Floor calligraphy performance

This is a traditional calligraphy performance. It can be adapted to the floor space, so we can accommodate both large and small works in any size desired.


2. Standing Performance

This is a performance performed while standing on a folding screen, fusuma (sliding door), or washi paper. The advantage is that the audience can easily see the performance. This is recommended if the space is small or if a wall can be used. (Please prepare the screens by yourself.


Estimated cost

From 100,000 yen

(Transportation and accommodation fees may be charged for distant locations.

For more information, please contact us from the inquiry form.

The following is a list of our clients who have requested a large brush performance.

2023 Grand Front Osaka, New Year's Greeting Commemorative Ceremony

2023 New Year's Greeting Party at the Hartung Hotel

2019 Japan Festival Ceremony in Melbourne, Australia

2019 - 2022 Kyoto Women's University Wisteria Festival

●January 2020 Osaka Business Park New Year's Party Commemorative Ceremony Exhibition

●January 2018 Neyagawa City, Osaka, New Year's Commemorative Ceremony

And many others