Regular member of  KYOTO JAPAN Calligraphy Association, Instructor, Councilor

Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Arts, Department of Arts and Crafts



Providing brush lettering logo, title, nameplate, business card, and wallpaper design

Calligraphy performances at department stores, hotels, universities, commemorative ceremonies, etc.

Calligraphy classes Short-term and on-site courses for training calligraphers ●Production of original brand brush lettering sundries


Media Appearances>

January 2022: Live appearance on Nippon Television Network Corporation's "Sukkiri" (VR calligraphy)

August 2022: Stage performance at Kansai Collection Festival

May 2022 OBC Radio Osaka, etc.



Simple New Year's greeting cards created by "FUDE-Oh", KADOKAWA Co.

The world's easiest 2021 Japanese New Year's card KADOKAWA Co.

New years greeting cards Data Collection PREMIUM" MYNAVI" Publishing Co.

Kindle Publishing Co.


<Overseas Performance>

January, 2018 Solo exhibition in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

February 2018 Bangkok Design Week

June, 2018 France, Angers-en-Bains International Digital Festival, VR Calligraphy "Floating Calligraphy".

May 2019 Calligraphy performance at the Japan Festival 20th Anniversary Ceremony in Melbourne, Australia

And many more in Japan


<AwardsExhibition at Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

2010 Recommended Prize, 2011 Special Prize, 2012 Kyoto Newspaper Prize, 2014 Prize, 2015 Medal of Honor, 2016 Special Prize, 2016


<Main client companies>

KASDOKAWA Ascii Research Institute, C&L Research Institute,

Zooms, Grand Prince Hotel Osaka Bay, SuperStation, Inc.

KADOKAWA's New Year's Card Collection, MYNABI   Brush Letters, Your Birthday 366-Day Flower Language Postcards,

FYU SHO VR Calligraphy

I became captivated by calligraphy because to me “the characters longed to be made beautiful.” Deeply impressed by the outstanding work encountered at a calligraphersʼ gathering in Kyoto when I was 22, I became accredited in the art.


Through a job involving English, I received a further push from a foreign friend who said that her  dream was to learn calligraphy. This again made me aware of the appeal of traditional Japanese culture and I made the transition to professional calligrapher.


Today, in addition to producing work for store logos, product packages, I regularly hold events for tourists from overseas, including writing poems that incorporate peoplesʼ names as well as the New Yearʼs tradition of kakizome calligraphy.


I also try to spread Japanese traditional culture through calligraphy by participating in events overseas.While cherishing the traditional classics, Iʼm always on the lookout for new possibilities in calligraphy in order to continue creating work that touches the hearts of people around the world.